The era of Digital Workflows

Published: February 15, 2020

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Today, with growing complexities and challenges in the business world, it simply makes sense that many executives are seeking faster ways to achieve cost efficiency and growth. Digital workflows or automation helps businesses save time and money, increase accuracy, improve accountability, and maintain consistency across the organisation. It is one way of keeping pace with the ever-changing business landscape.

Unfortunately, like any digital transformation activity within a business, there are challenges that are often overlooked when introducing new technology to a business. The first challenge for businesses looking to implement automation, is identifying the correct activities to automate. It is critically important that the process:

  • Must be clearly defined
  • Must be repetitive
  • Must not be affected by unknown conditions or circumstances
  • Must not require manual data entry or human intervention
  • Must not require approvals, signatures or sign offs

The second challenge is finding the right technology and then justifying the investment in that technology, as the ROI is not simply a direct monetary return. Over the past few years, despite of spending trillions on IT, companies still struggle to assess the exact business value of any technology

By implementing digital workflows to complete mindless, repetitive activities the business is able to redirect those resources focusing on more substantial work such as innovation, growth and the needs of customers. It is important that the following non-financial benefits are acknowledged as benefits of automation:

  • Those repetitive activities are getting completed consistently and efficiently
  • Employees are achieving greater job satisfaction
  • Your customers will be receiving a much better service
  • New growth opportunities for your business will be established

If approached correctly, the benefits of introducing digital workflows, or automation into your business are hard to ignore and in the current business world, may just be that competitive edge that allows you to gain competitive advantage.